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PS3 Slim

The New PS3 slim is finally coming out, and what is even better is that it is coming with a $100 price cut. The new PS3 is 34% smaller and uses 34% less power. It is going to have all the same features as the old PS3 and comes with a 120 GB hard drive. Here is a video.

Watch Red Faction: Guerilla – Run and Gun Gameplay (Cam)

The developers have decided to overhaul the Red Faction franchise with Guerilla, and we have to say, we applaud the effort. This generation, unless you can produce the most amazing FPS experience imaginable, you’ll likely be left behind; that genre takes no prisoners. But as a third-person action title, this game could really excel. Here’s a great look at the gameplay.

Watch Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. – Salvation Trailer

Sure, flight games are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean the genre doesn’t have a loyal following of enthusiasts. Those same people who have flocked to the popular Ace Combat series should head down to the store during the first week of March when Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. soars onto shelves. Everything we’ve seen from this game so far has been impressive; the visuals are amazing and the combination of simulated and arcade-style elements should make the experience accessible to all. Don’t look now, but H.A.W.X. could be a huge sleeper hit…