Firmware 3.1 Update

After downloading the Firmware 3.0 update many PS3 owners noticed some Freezing and game crashing. To Fix this problem Sony has now released PS3 Firmware update 3.1. Sony says that this is an update for improving system stability. All the details haven’t been released yet but for now it will just be to fix the problems users have been experiencing.

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  • Ernie says:

    I have downloaded update 3.1 and what has failed on my system since the update is that the optical output no longer outputs Dolby Digital 5.1. I have the PS3 that was purchased on release day. I have my system set up so that the HDMI carries video and sound to the TV and the optical carries the sound to my reciever. Almost immediate after downloading 3.1 I went to watch a Blu-Ray and noticed my settings were changed and that the sound was no longer 5.1. Even though I have reset the setting to 5.1 in the system and selected optical it still reverts back to outputting 2 channels ?? I would stay away from this update in my opinion.

  • Nightbird says:

    No Optical Digital Out Anymore Thanks to 3.1.

    I have an 80 gig system (HDMI to TV, Optical Digital to AV Switch). I updated to 3.1 (because the PS3 told me I needed to) and of course, just like that, my Optical Digital Out doesn’t work.

    – My cables work.
    – My AV Switch works.
    – My receiver works.
    – Other sources/ cables output 5.1 over Optical just fine.
    – The ONLY thing that’s changed is the 3.1 firmware update.
    – No combination of settings or content will produce audio.
    – There is no light coming through the cable under any set of conditions, like the Optical Output has actually been turned off.

    Am I going to have to redesign the layout of my entire AV system because the PS3 doesn’t like toslink, now? If I restored my PS3 to factory condition, would that nullify what update 3.1 screwed up, or am I, like so many other people, out of luck?

  • J Lee says:

    Well…I have a 160GB PS3…and after 3.01 update, games started to freeze/bricking…then I updated again to 3.10…hoping it will fix the issues…but no luck…

    I am going to try to replace my hard disk tomorrow…but I don’t think this will solve the issue…

    I am just hoping Sony will release another patch to solve the game bricking issues…other than that I don’t have the sound issues that you guys are talking about…but all my games are bricking after 10-15 mins…

    oh boy!!!

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