Playstation Vita:New Mobile Gaming Device

Sony has announced their newest handheld platform the Playstation Vita. The Vita will have many new exciting features that I cannot wait to try out.

Some of the new things they are incorporating are front and rear mounted cameras which use the new Augmented Reality technology which brings your physical world into the PlayStation world.

A 5 inch front multitouch OLED screen promises to bring a rich cinematic feel to both games and movies. Plus it has built in GPS capability,electronic compass,  bluetooth, along with Wifi location service support.

As far as controlling the Vita goes, it’s new rear touch pad, dual joysticks, and six axis controls will usher in a whole new portable gaming experience.

It looks like games will be downloaded onto memory cards. Sources say the Vita will come equipped with 512mb of ram and an additional 128mb dedicated to video

As a FPS fan I welcome the dual joysticks. I think it will give the Vita a natural feel, one that true Sony fans will appreciate.  I’m still trying to figure out the best use of the rear touch pad but I’m sure game developers are excited about the possibilities it opens. Another option I would like to see is some sort of phone ap built in. Sony makes the best gaming consoles hands down but in today’s world of smart phones and free aps, some way of texting or making calls is in my opinion a necessity.

There will be two models available. Wifi only and 3g + Wifi. Base price of the Wifi will be $249 with the 3g model slightly higher priced at $299. Service for the 3g model will be provided by AT&T.

All in all I’m excited for this new system.

Now what do I do with my PSP?

The Vita’s release date will be sometime in 2012.

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